Anonymous asked:

I apologise if this has been asked before (which it probably has been...) but: could you explain how white people appropriating Japanese culture and language is different from Japanese people appropriating American/British/Anglophonic culture and language? I know that they're two very different things based on context, and I've seen people saying things like "well japanese people appropriate english too!!!!1!!!11!", but I can't really explain myself very well why they're different...

thisisnotjapan answered:

Colonialism and white supremacy is what makes those very different, essentially meaning that 1. the playing field is not level and 2. white people generally come to “participate” in other people’s cultures for very different reasons, whereas people of color “participate” in white/western/european culture as a means of survival. Therefore because of white people systematically destroying and stealing from other cultures it is a very different thing when a white person puts on a kimono and a Japanese person puts on a pair of jeans. Acting like those hold the same cultural, political, or historical impact is wishful thinking by those brainwashed into believing we live in a world where racism or white supremacy do not exist.